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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dick Tracey, Et. Al

By Jody Worsham,

All rights reserved for tin can and string.

As a child I thought Dick Tracey's wrist radio/TV was way, way, way in the future. How could you make a television set so small? Our 1950 15 inch television was set in a cabinet the size of our ice box.

Superman would be hard pressed to find a phone booth today. The caped crusader would have to duck into the nearest McDonald's or Exxon station restroom before emerging to save the world in costume. At first glance, as he's running down the street looking for a place to change, he would think aliens had already possessed us as he encountered people seemingly talking to themselves with borg-like metal objects stuck in their ears.

Batman would have it a little easier. He changes in the Bat Cave after seeing the Bat Signal projected onto a cloud. Of course, trouble could only come at night. You can't see the Bat Signal on a sunny day. I wonder why no one has ever noticed that? Today he would receive the Bat Signal day or night via a Blackberry or Android.

Dick Tracey would be amazed now, well first of all because he would be about 111 years old, but also with how far technology has come. With cell phones the size of his wrist watch, you can watch movies, TV, web cam your house, surf the net, read online newspapers, books, magazines, take videos send photographs, locate your car, e-mail, text, as well as actually use it for a phone.

Personally, I'm waiting for the phone that will do my taxes, activate my washing machine, vacuum the rug, and give me the answers to today's fourth grade math homework. Until then, like E.T., I just want to phone home.

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