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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Season Final…ly!

by Jody Worsham All rights reserved for Preparation H

Our last game of the year…finally! No more hard aluminum benches. No more scrubbing red clay out of white baseball pants. No more watching our child pick flowers in the outfield. No more after game drinks and snacks.

You would think by the end of the season, there would be improvements and there have been. Our coaches can catch the wildest ball coming from any direction including from the other team. They have lost ten pounds chasing balls erratically thrown by four and five year olds.

Our team, however, seems to be regressing. They no longer fight over who’s going to get the ball in centerfield. Now they hold their position and watch the ball as it makes its way to the fence and stops. They seemed to have forgotten everything they learned. Of course, they haven’t played a game in two weeks, crazy schedule, so it is possible that they did forget everything they had learned. Now, as soon as “last batter” is called, the entire team heads for the dugout even before the last batter bats. There’s no longer a song played on the aluminum bats and it has become increasingly harder to keep the team in the dugout. Parents are chasing kids out from under the bleachers, from on top of the bleachers, and from the other teams’ dugout.

The little guy, who seemed to run in place, is still running in place. Our child decided to be a switch hitter and bat left handed. He didn’t realize that he had to switch sides of home plate. I will say that he did deliver a smashing left handed would-have-been-a-home-run right into the home plate backstop. The three-year letterman that plays “all-time-pitcher” finally gave up on the hope of any of his teammates ever catching the ball and just started chasing the other team to get them out. He managed to get four players out at one time by racing to first, second, third, and finally to home base…as his fellow players cheered him on.

Maybe it wasn’t by accident that our team was sponsored by a funeral home. There was certainly no life in this final game…well, except from the parents.


Wanda said...

Sponsored by a funeral home? Interesting.
Next year look for a sponsor who makes those nice little padded bleacher seats and ask for samples.
Love the writing.

Anonymous said...

Modern parents just don't have the endurance that we did !
(Actually, the piece brings back all sorts of warm memories --- warm sun, warm drinks, warm mosquitoes.)

Joanie said...

Keep up the good writing,

Unknown said...

You are such a great mom! And a great writer - loved the little guy who runs in place! Keep up the good work!