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Friday, June 18, 2010

He Knew What He Was Dealing With!

He Knew What He Was Dealing With
By Jody Worsham, All rights reserved for a brain June 2010

I got a new cell phone today. It was time for an upgrade. Translation: Time for AT&T to tell me all the latest things a phone can do and get more of my hard earned money.

I will say the young salesman was superb. He was very patient. I told him I wanted a phone just like my land line only one I could put in my purse.
He helped me find a phone with large numbers and loud volume. He transferred all my numbers for me.

He showed me how to turn the phone on and off. He even put two of my most used phone numbers in the quick dial. He showed me how to retrieve missed calls. Then he had me go through all of that to be sure I was comfortable using the phone. He warned me that if I used the phone for e-mail or internet, AT&T would charge me. I asked him to disable that part and he did. My eight-year-old could figure it out even if I couldn't.

He even sacked up my charger, box, headset, holder etc. He carried it to the door for me and then held the door open for me as I left. I was beginning to wonder if my gray roots were showing too much or I needed a face lift worse than I thought.

When I reached my car, I realized he must have been watching as I drove up. I had gotten out, opened the back of the suburban for a bottle of water, locked the car with my beeper and came inside...... leaving the driver's side door wide open the entire time.

He knew what he was dealing with.

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Jenny Watson said...

hahahaha, love this one