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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Going Once...Going Twice...

By Jody Worsham

All rights reserved for Storage Wars

 In Texas, state universities can only sell state owned property through a silent auction announced to the public.   Until my husband became a professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, I had never heard of a state auction much less attended one.

 It was early in our marriage so we were still childless and thus had an extra bit of cash.

“Let’s stop by the silent auction and see if there is anything interesting,” said Dr. Hubby.

“Ok” never suspecting what I was in for.

We had only the bare necessities as far as furniture was concerned so Lots  3,4, and 5 held promise with the chest of drawers that were displayed. Lots 10 had two bedframes, and lot 45 had a storage closet displayed.   SFAU was demolishing some of the units; those one story Motel 6 look alike dorms where two units shared a bathroom.  Dr. Hubby had stayed there as a student in the late 50’s.  Each shared unit had four steel twin bedframes, two wardrobe closets, and two chests of drawers and there were 300 units.  Lot 35 interested me as a theatre student.  I saw potential in the West Point style black SFA band uniform as a costume for a butler or maybe a train conductor.

“Now do not make an even bid and do not make it for just dollars” instructed Dr. Hubby.  “I’m going to bid on Lots 3, 4, 5, 10, and 45.  Maybe I’ll get one,” and he was off.

I placed my bid of $19.21 for the band uniform in a sealed envelope and left it with the person in charge along with my name and phone number and waited for hubby.

The next day we got a call.   “Hey, honey, I was high bid on all the lots.”

“That’s great.  So we have three chest of drawers, two twin bedframes and a closet.”

“The displayed items were just samples.  I actually bought thirty-five chests of drawers, eighteen wardrobe closets all solid ¾ inch birch, and uh six hundred bedframes.” 

“WHAT????  Ok, this is a college town I can see having a garage sale and getting rid of some of the chest of drawers and making our money back and the birch will be good for building all kinds of things, but what are we going to do with three hundred bedframes? 

“I’ll think of something.”

 That was what I was afraid of.

 “Oh, and you got your band uniform or should I say band uniforms….there’s two hundred of them.  What are you going to do with two hundred band uniforms?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  Hang them on bedframes and make two hundred scarecrows?”

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Rachel Hoyt said...

LOL! Yes, what does one do with all that stuff? :) I would love to shop at an auction someday but am afraid of what I would buy. I think I'm a bit like your husband. :)