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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut Part 2

by Jody Worsham All rights reserved for Almond Joy and Mounds


In re-reading my last post, I seemed to have joined the ranks of my grandmother in bewailing progress. She hated her new-fangled washing machine;I like my automatic washing machine, I just hate these new-fangled computer updates. For some reason, the new updates would not allow me to write in paragraphs. After consulting my closest friends on the World Wide Web, I received computer advice that, if followed, should allow paragraphs in my post. They offered no guarantee as to spelling or gramatical correctness. Here follows, as Paul Harvey used to say, "the rest of the story."

Rose ( suggested I add "lesser than" symbol at the end of a paragraph followed by b and the "greater than" symbol. I started taking notes with my trusty #2 pencil and spiral notebook. "HTML has hidden codes. To break the code you must have these litle sidways house tops. Add "b" at the end of a paragraph to create a new line. Add "b/l" to end the coded instructions unless you want paragraphs; then you only have to have "b". Or you can do the "P"." I wish I still had my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.

Joanie ( said to hit the "return" then "return" again. Wanda ( said to type in visual mode not HTML but I don't have a visual. Sharon ( wants me to copy, paste, hit enter after each paragraph,click preview, click the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself wait; that's someting else.

Another wanted to know why I was writing in HTML instead of compose. I told her I was just typing in English and trying to cut and paste to my blog with regular paragraphs the same I have been doing for the past two years until the new and improved updates. The acorn is quickly sliding down a mile long glacier.

Someday a doctoral thesis will be written exploring the early twenty-first century literary significance of a mute pre-historic squirrel and his illusive acorn and their relationship to post-apocalyptic computerization of man. Debates will rage in ivory towers as to its symbolic meaning to mankind.

The truth is, I just want to write with paragraphs and that squirrel just wants his nut.

The End


Wanda said...

One day you will have your nut. Oh, you already had 2 of them. Ok, one day you will have chocolate with your nuts. Does that help?

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh, everything is getting too hard for my shrinking brain. The good old days to me were the last version of everything. I CANNOT (and I capitalized on my own)keep up. More than anything I hate the auto-correct. How dare they assume that is what I want to say especially since I assumed I said something else.