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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 is up and Running

by JodyWorsham
all rights reserved for Rooster Gumbo
First thing this morning I was awakened by some kind of thubbing noise on metal. Fearing the 8 yr old had devised a new kind of Dr. Seuss musical instrument out of my Christmas orgrenic skillet, I opened my eyes to see Russell the Rooster dancing around on top of the window air conditioner and pecking on the window. I guess he didn't want me to miss the Rose Bowl Parade.

Then the 8 yr old bounded into the room to announce he was hungry. Now this is a major change since he hasn't been hungry since he hide the Christmas cookies, chocolate, candy, cake, cupcakes, hot chocolate, and Mountain Dew the day school let out. I suspect his hidden stash had been depleted.

Russell flew off the air conditioner to announce the New Year to other sleeping people and I headed for the kitchen to make apple pancakes. Everything was going great until my new Christmas griddle wouldn't heat up. I checked the connector, the circuit breaker, country of origin, and the rest of the neighborhood to see if they had lights. I was just about to get out the old iron skillet when Dr. Hubby suggested I plug in the griddle. Ok, I still had the dancing rooster in my head.

I got the kids' boom box and put on "Duck the Halls" to keep me company. The pancakes turned out great, as in edible, so I proceeded to cook blackeyed peas with ham. The cd had me so motivated, I moved on to making gumbo also with ham and turkey.

I had a lot of turkey and ham left over from Christmas. I smoked a turkey but never having smoked a turkey before, I wasn't sure of the outcome so I also got an already cooked ham as backup. The turkey was edible and the ham was good with lots of leftovers from both.

If Russell wakes me in the morning, I may extend the gumbo by adding a little rooster to the mix.

Happy New Year!

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    1 comment:

    Sharon said...

    Great story, Jody.
    Sounds like it's about time for some good chicken soup. Can you keep him in the Trump Plaza Hotel you built last summer?