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Thursday, November 8, 2012

If the Shoe Fits...

By Jody Worsham

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I say if the shoe fits, buy it.  If it feels sooo comfortable, buy two pairs.  If there is enough room for your little piggies to do the Happy Dance, buy six pairs.  If you feel like you are walking on clouds, buy a dozen.  If they happen to be stylish…. what the heck, buy one more pair.

You will note that I put stylish at the end of my list.  I know there are those who suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous pointed toes and platform soles for the sake of fashion like my friend Wanda in “The Land of” but I am not one of those.  My philosophy is “No pain, Good Thang”. 

The latest fashion to assault women’s feet are those super high heels with one to two inch or more platform soles.  These shoes are playing havoc with the world as we know it.  The driver’s license bureau is thinking of amending the height portion to read “Height without platforms.”  Insurance companies are hearing as an excuse for accidents “I thought I was pressing the brakes.  If felt like the brakes.”  Instead of digging in their purses for cellphones, they could be answering their shoe like Maxwell Smart.    No need for carry-on luggage; just pack your platforms.  I suspect the chiropractors, podiatrists, and bunion pad makers will see an increase in business over the next several months.  

 Given our current trends in government, you can also expect new government regulations concerning footwear.  Manufactures may have to include warning labels on the shoe boxes: “ Warning: Wearing platform shoes may be hazardous to your health.  Wear at your own risk.”  People wearing the shoes may be required to wear a sign stating “Beware of possible falling body due to shoes.  Maintain at least six foot radius at all times.” 

 With all the inherent dangers, you might expect them to be banned in California, but not so. Rhode Island, maybe.  Hollywood, no.

Ballerinas know the value of a good fitting pair of toe shoes.  Since no two pair ever fit the same, when a good fit is found, they will wear them till they are in shreds and the bare toe box is showing and then weep when they have to replace them. 

I know how they feel.  I once had a pair of Nike shoes that enabled me to walk fifteen New York long blocks with no problem.  They were my shoe of choice whenever taking students to New York.  They became so worn I had to wrap duct tape around them.  I am sure I am the one responsible for the decorative duct tape and trend in teenagers today to decorate everything with duct tape.  However, my students were appalled at their sponsor turned Broadway Bag Lady until we made the trek from the Plaza Hotel to Macy’s Department Store.  By the time we got to Macy’s, they all headed for the shoe department.

I wish I had bought sixty pairs of those shoes.  They stopped making them but I learned my lesson.  Now if I ever find a shoe that is close to being as comfortable as those Nikes, that’s all you will ever see on my feet…at weddings, funerals, church, the ball park, Wal-Mart, presidential inaugural balls...  So be careful if you send me an invitation to something.

 Remember:  Beauty is in the sole of happy Feet,  so if the shoe fits buy several pairs.

 Oh, and Wanda, your platform shoes are definitely stylish and you do look good, , but my Nike clad feet can’t be beat!


Wanda said...

I can't give up the heels, my back my reputation can't stand it.

Jody Worsham said...

Ok, but when you get to be taller than I am,I plan to use a saw.

Joanne Noragon said...

I gave up my three inch heels years ago, but inscribed on the back of my left New Balance: 3 inch. On the right: heels. Take that, shoe industry!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh my, I have so many shoe stories. I could start at age 10, but if I did that this comment would go on till your bunions grew bunions. Now, I still want to wear those beautiful heeled shoes but my hips, which may be prone to a quick break, tell me, "Are you crazy, Arleen". But I still dream.......

Jody Worsham said...

I think we should lobby for attractive yet comfortable shoes...and different colored plastic inserts are not what I call "attractive." I remember when you weren't dressed up unless you were in "heels". Thanks, ladies for the comments.

Sharon said...

Great story, Jody. I'm with you, though sometimes I'd like to feel stylish. Then I remember my fear of heights and having my nose in a cast. I'm not coordinated enough to wear the new super high platform heels. I saw an ad in a recent O magazine in which a woman was riding a bike in 5 inch platforms. I'm still laughing. The bike had to be on a platform with the support erased out.