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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love's Labor Lost

by Jody Worsham. All rights reserved for labor intensive rest time.

Labor Day Weekend is aptly named. It was a weekend for labor just with an extra day. Why is it that camping involves twice as much labor intensive loading and unloading as just staying put?

At least this Labor Day weekend was as close as we have ever gotten to a Norman Rockwell holiday. Our children had fun. They discovered cousins. Well, they were their second cousins. Actually, they were both their second counsins and their great-neice and great-nephew. However, genetically speaking, since ours are adopted, they weren't any relation to the others at all. Ok, it was not a normal Norman Rockwell. Like I said, it was as close as we got.

We slapped down two tarps on a hillside, turned on the water, poured a full bottle of Joy on the tarps and watched the four great-uncles-great-aunts-second-counsins-just-kids slide down the hill ending in a massive cloud of soap suds. They climped up the hill, slid down the hill all afternoon and went promptly to sleep at 7:30 that evening without a peep and totally clean.

The next day we labored over the grill and labouriously climbed in and out of the RV's for salt, spices, spatulas, plates, ice, drinks, porkchops, bratzs, napkins, forks, salad, chips, corn etc. Once it was all assembled, we ate the rest of the weekend.

On Monday we packed up the RV and returned home, unloaded, cleaned up, and repacked the RV. Thus we labored over Labor Day Weekend. Thank goodness there's not another holiday until October!


Sharon said...

Sounds wonderful, Jody. I'll have to remember the Joy trick for when my little ones get a bit larger.

joanne lee said...

I started sleeping through the night again after I started wearing a CPAP. Apparently sleep apnea triggers the kidneys to pull water from your body thus necessitating the trips to the bathroom. And, if you and/or your spouse don't mind the fact that you look like Dr.Lector when you sleep, the white noise is very comforting!