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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things to Do on a Rainy Cruise

Things to Do on a Rainy Cruise

By Jody Worsham All rights reserved to purchase water repellant

During six of the seven days of our cruise, our captain was able to spot, chase, and go through ever rain storm in the Caribbean. I think that may be some kind of record.

The sun worshippers were threatening mutiny. Parents of children were threatening mutiny. The only ones not threatening mutiny were the bartenders as their sales tend to quadruple in rainy weather.

Our cruise director, Jeff, in an attempt to quell the rebellion offered some additional rainy day activities for the guests. However, being the mother of eight children, I have extended his list.

Here is my list for a rainy cruise.

1. Count raindrops hitting the window port hole.

2. Eat

3. Watch the Raindrop Regatta. Which rain drop will be the fastest descending the port hole?

4. Eat

5. Watch the Flip Flop Hydroplane Races as people hurry across the wet deck.

6. Eat

7. Watch rain clouds build up and take bets on how soon the captain will overtake them.

8. Eat

9. Sit in your cabin and watch the closed circuit mini-cam broadcast live as people run, slip, fall, and hydroplane across the deck. Turn off the sound and make up your own dialogue for what the people are saying.

10. Eat

11. Float paper boats across the flooded deck.

12. Eat

13. Play miniature Float Golf. No clubs. Set the ball on the course. If it floats over the cup in less than one minute, you have a Drown-in-One.

14. Eat

15. Watch “Singing in the Rain” in the rain at the outdoor theatre.

16. And if all else fails to entertain you, EAT!

Now I know why all the pictures of Noah’s family after their forty-day and forty-night cruise are depicted as rotund.

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Jenny Watson said...

By far, one of the funniest to date!