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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Puzzle...and it's Not Legos

by Jody Worsham
All rights reserved for license to recycle

Ok, here's what I have figured out regarding Legos. You know how when we were kids, we would buy a 1,000 piece puzzle to put together and once it was together, we never looked at it again?  Yes, I occasionally would slather glue on it thinking I would mount it on the wall but I never did.

Well, Legos are the younger generations puzzels. 514 teeny tiny itsy bitzy three dimensional pieces that have to be put together IN ORDER before you could complete the puzzel. Now, I don't know about other kids, but once mine succeeded in assembling it, the next thing to do was create your own "thing"...whatever that might be. 

We have "things" made from various Lego kits, pirates, trucks, Star Wars which is very much like the pirate in the Lego Movie.  My child is very inventive. I just wish he would invent useful things like the braille printer made from Legos like that other kid did.  Creative, practical, and with the potential of financing his future Lego purchases.

My child takes playing with his Legos in spurts. Just let me put away a toy, any toy, that he hasn't played with in six months,  and that is the first thing he will drag out if he ventures up to the attic.  It's like he had never seen or played with the toy before.

This gives me an idea. I think I will toy-nap on the sly and next Christmas I will just give him a treasure map to lost and forgotten toys.  Hey,  it's creative, inventive, and cheap.