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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Memoirs of a Six-Year-Old

By Jody Worsham

All rights reserved for Memory Lane Condo

When I think of nostalgia, I picture some old couple sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs lecturing to the "young'uns." Usually the lecture begins "When I was a boy, we walked six miles to school, uphill, both ways in six feet of snow." Or, more recently, "Kids today don't know the meaning of work."

I never figured it applied to six-year-olds. While I write mostly of what it is like to be over 65 raising children, I forget what it must be like for six-year-olds and ten-teens to be raised by elderly "parents." For example, the ten-teen has appointed herself Chief of the Fashion Police. Before we leave the house, I'm checking for folders, ballet bags, homework, backpacks, and lunches. The Chief is checking to see that my breakfast isn't on my shirt, my shoes match, and that I'm wearing make-up and all required undergarments.

The six-year-old constantly asks "How old are you now?" or "You don't look as old today" which lets me know he's a bit concerned about this whole aging process. I read to him every night after he locates my glasses. He told me the other night that before long "I'll be reading to you." The ten-teen struggles with fifth grade reading vocabulary but she is an expert at reading Crestor, Lipitor, Nexium, calcium percentages and other directions from the miniscule printing on my medicine bottles.

The kids also pick up on all our discussions. Yesterday during P.E. class my first grader told the coach he couldn't run today because "My knees are killing me." On Friday, we deliver chocolate to the elementary teachers. I'm accumulating brownie points for a later date. As we walked down toward the kindergarten classes, he said "I miss this old hallway. I miss my old teacher. She doesn't teach kindergarten anymore," which made me wonder if teaching him had been the last straw. Got to remember more chocolate on Friday.

While the children are providing me with a number of topics for my book-ette, I'm sure they are compiling stories for the sequel "Acne and Social Security, It Isn't What it Used to Be"






Anonymous said...

Ah but they are keeping you young yes???? "My knees are killing me" I'm still snorting after that one.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Your stories are always great and oh, so funny.

Elaine Williams said...

What a great excuse to get out of gym! I so admire you for parenting again.

I came across the growing community of parenting grandparents several years ago and became so interested that I started writing a book to help those in this situation.

Then, my sister became a parenting grandparent, and I threw out my first draft so I could rewrite it based on not only the interviews I had already done, but also her experiences.

I so look forward to reading more from you and would love your feedback on my website. Thanks!