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Friday, October 29, 2010

I’ve Gone International!

by Jody Worsham

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I was playing around with my new found STATs on my blog and guess what? I've gone international! According to my "audience" stats, people from all over the world have accidently or on purpose found my blog. I seem to be popular in India, probably due to the Icelandic/India girl who helped me get connected to dial-up. We were on the phone together quite a while. I think she may have told her immediate family because 46 people from India looked at my blog spot, or 23 people couldn't believe their eyes and clicked twice. I think they may have e-mailed their friends in the UK because either 11 clicked on three times or they actually had 33 friends there.

I'm not too hot in Denmark, only 8 page views there. They probably thought I was some kind of medical-menopausal-reversal project for wanna be moms 61 and older.

I only had one page view from Slovenia but I think there is only one computer in that country.

26 people in China clicked on my blog but that may have been from the same household.

All in all, my writing-ego-self-esteem has improved. I'm coming out from under the bed, After all, I'm known around the world! Ha!